[Fake But Plausible] RomCom Plot #1

Tentative Title: Play the Part

Kate, a thirty-something actress, formerly with dreams of Broadway and Hollywood, has only been able to find work as a reenactment artist.  For years, she has been the go-to actress in the dramatization world, but a new upstart, Britney, a statuesque twenty-year-old blond, has exploded onto the scene and taken several of her gigs. She befriends the young woman under the guise of being her mentor, but behind her back she plots to destroy her.  Kate begins to put the pieces in place to destroy Britney’s acting career when Britney’s older brother, Jared, catches her in the act. Jared, a retired professional surfer and organic farmer, threatens to reveal Kate’s plans if she doesn’t go on a date with him. Now Kate must put her plans on hold while she suffers through wildly interesting dates with the muscle-bound younger man, eventually reaching a crossroads where she has to decide if her professional vendetta is more important than her budding relationship built on mutual deceit.


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