[Fake But Plausible] Sitcom Pilot #1

Tentative Title: End of the Line

John is a straitlaced, unsuccessful businessman in his late fifties, recently divorced. His best friend, Linda, who has never been married, is a freewheeling former hippie whose unruly behavior has resulted in her being banned from using public transportation by the New York City transit authority. With John’s business expertise, and Linda’s affable personality, the two decide, with the help of John’s twenty-something son, Alex, to open their own bus company? The pilot episode sees John and Linda found the bus company, End of the Line inc, with Alex as their first driver. The only snag? They don’t own a bus! Can the two put aside their wildly different business ideals to run a successful transit company? Will their competition with affordable, existing New York transit threaten not just their business, but their friendship as well? Can true love blossom between best friends? Find out on End of the Line, coming this fall to Fox.


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