[Stats] #1

It seems like only yesterday we had zero views… (Author’s note: We had 12 views yesterday.)

As STFU Internet approaches its 1000th view, we wanted to give our readers a glimpse into how some people stumble onto our site. These searches brought random internet users to our site, and we assume they never left:

– best movies 2011 so far

– “movie” bar assassin “write down five names”

– the hit list cuba gooding jr sexual content description

– best music of 2011 so far

– wordpress where is my fucking favorites actions

– in the movie the hit list what does jonas suffers from

– i want my coworker to shut the fuck up



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2 responses to “[Stats] #1

  1. Kim

    I’ve found that the phrases people use that find my page are usually funnier than any post I’ve written…

  2. joshcovell

    As a comedy site, we might disagree. But then again, as a poor comedy site, we completely agree.

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