[Stats] #2

It’s that time again, folks. In an effort to remain transparent here at STFUI, we’re once again bringing you the delightful and often weird stats and search terms that have been bringing an average of two or three people per day(!)  to our humble corner of the Internet in the last eight months or so.

– stfu about Kony

– kony is going on where

– empire records shaves hair

– how to donate directly to kony

– what was “change your profile pic to stop child abuse”

– channing tatum saying the momment of impact the vow

– “female soldier” headshave

– robin tunney nipple

– punishment headshave

– www.ladies headshaving stories

As you can probably figure out, Mr. Covell’s article about the emotional headshave cliche in movies kept us afloat in the ‘creepy Internet weirdos’ demographic (thanks, guys!) for the months of inactivity here at STFUI. We’re also piggybacking off the Kony2012 movement, like the clasy individuals we are, and also Channing Tatum gets some play in the search terms. Sorry we couldn’t tell you how to donate money to Kony, single person who was asking that, maybe don’t Google that one again. ANYWAY, EXCITING STUFF, HUH? Keep tuning in to STFUI, and join us for the next STATS article, when we’ll be able to talk about our 2000th visitor. Maybe! Just think – if you Google something crazy or offputting and find your way here, it could be YOU!


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