[Stats] #3

In lieu of actually creating new, original content, I’m just going to keep bringing you all the absurd and disparate search terms because jesus there are some hilarious ones. Without further ado, here are the best search terms of the last quarter:

– channing tatum masturbate

– charizard sticky note

– احدث صور زفاف chang tatum

– bad writing on the internet (no idea how this directed to us)

– nudist colony male

– father son relationship

– joseph kony 2012 obama “when saddam”

– plausible horror movies

– channing tatum nose profile

– the vows movie

– kony 2012 oh hell yeah

– channing tatum fart

– kony is going on where

– coma internet telephone

– under shaving seen

If any of the people who found us using one of these search terms are still reading for whatever reason, thanks for everything!


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